Firefox’s Latest Update Enhances Privacy and Fixes a 22-Year-Old Bug


In the ever-evolving world of web browsers, Firefox continues to stand out as a beacon of online privacy. With its most recent update, version 119, Mozilla’s beloved browser introduces several exciting features and improvements. In a landscape dominated by major browsers often criticized for their data collection practices, Firefox takes a different path, focusing on enhancing user privacy and security.

The Fight for Privacy

Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation are among the few corporate entities actively fighting to make the internet a more private place. While major browsers may sometimes feel like spyware due to their data collection practices, Firefox has remained steadfast in its commitment to user privacy.

Firefox View: A Step Towards a More Private Internet

One of the highlighted features in Firefox’s latest update is “Firefox View.” While it’s not entirely new, this browser sync feature enables users to seamlessly access their open tabs across different devices. If you’re using Firefox on both your desktop and phone, you can effortlessly switch between them while retaining all your open tabs. This feature is akin to what Chrome users might experience when signed into their Google accounts on both desktop and mobile devices.

However, the key difference lies in privacy. With Firefox View, you’re using a Firefox account (or Mozilla account starting November 1st) rather than involving Google with your internet data. This aligns with the growing trend of privacy-conscious users seeking alternatives to mainstream services.

Alternatives to Mainstream Services

Firefox’s approach isn’t limited to web browsing. In recent years, several companies have emerged, offering alternatives to popular services like email and cloud storage. Tutanota and ProtonMail, for instance, provide private email solutions, while cloud storage providers offer more private alternatives to Gmail and Google Drive.

These services are gaining traction as people recognize the value of privacy in their digital products and information.

The Challenge of Private Browser Syncing

While there are ways to sync data across browsers without creating accounts, like using X Browser Sync or private keys, these methods might be too complicated for the average user. Many individuals may hesitate to install third-party applications and navigate the complexities of private key management. Firefox View, therefore, presents a user-friendly and privacy-respecting solution for the masses.

Extension Compatibility and Improved Tracking Protection

In addition to Firefox View, this latest update enhances Firefox’s compatibility with browser extensions. You can now import 72 add-ons from Chromium browsers, including popular ones like uBlock Origin, Dark Reader, Tampermonkey, antivirus, and VPN add-ons. This ensures that essential extensions are accessible to Firefox users.

The update also brings significant improvements in tracking protection and cookie protection, further enhancing your online privacy.

Encrypted Client Hello for Enhanced Privacy

Firefox’s commitment to privacy is further evident with the addition of encrypted client-side hello. This feature encrypts the names of websites you visit, preventing eavesdroppers, including your internet service provider, from accessing your browsing habits. This enhancement contributes to a more secure online experience.

A 22-Year-Old Bug Finally Fixed

In an intriguing twist, Firefox version 119 also fixes a bug that has persisted within the browser for an astonishing 22 years. While the bug was purely cosmetic, causing tooltips to linger when shifting focus away from Firefox, it’s a testament to the power of open-source software and community contributions.

Yeonju, a 23-year-old PhD student at Stanford University, fixed the bug that had persisted since his infancy. His contribution underscores the beauty of open-source software, where anyone, regardless of age or experience, can play a role in making the digital world better.


Firefox’s latest update, version 119, reinforces its position as a privacy-focused browser while introducing essential features and fixing long-standing bugs. In a world where online privacy is increasingly valuable, Mozilla’s commitment to user data protection stands out. With features like Firefox View, improved extension compatibility, and encrypted client-side hello, Firefox continues to offer a safe and private browsing experience, while community contributions ensure the browser remains a favorite for years to come.……

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